These routes are some proposed primarily for the Los Angeles region and nearby corridors but also include routes in parts of Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Los Angeles is a major traffic-prone area that could benefit enormously from any number of monorail system implementations and therefore serves as a quintessential example of what is possible.

Other regions will be added in the future.


California High-Speed Monorail System*

Northern California

San Francisco-Los Angeles High-Speed Monorail
San Francisco Bay Area Commuter Monorail System
East San Francisco Bay Commuter Monorail*
West San Francisco Bay Commuter Monorail*
San Francisco Bay Bridge Monorail*
Downtown San Francisco Financial District Monorail*
San Francisco International Airport Monorail*
San Jose International Airport Monorail*

Orange and San Diego Counties

ARTIC Station Complex
Los Angeles-Orange County-ARTIC High-Speed Monorail
San Diego- Orange County-ARTIC High-Speed Monorail
Anaheim- Las Vegas High-Speed Monorail*
Anaheim City Drive Connector
ARTIC- Disneyland Monorail*
San Diego Monorail*
Balboa Park Monorail*

City of Los Angeles Region

Santa Monica-Downtown Los Angeles Monorail*
Los Angeles-Orange County Express Monorail
Canoga Connection Commuter Express Monorail*
Century City Monorail*
Chatsworth Commuter Express Monorail*
Downtown Los Angeles Monorail*
LAX-Green Line Connector*
LAX Promenade Monorail*
Marina del Rey Monorail*
LAX- West Los Angeles- Santa Clarita Commuter Express Monorail*
Warner Center Monorail*
Los Angeles River- Warner Center to Downtown Los Angeles Monorail*
Los Angeles River- Downtown Los Angeles to Long Beach Monorail*

Los Angeles County

The Excursion Tour*
Bob Hope Airport Monorail*
Hollywood Way Monorail*
Ports Cargo Monorail* (non-passenger)
Long Beach Monorail*
Rose Bowl- Griffith Park Commuter Express Monorail*
Santa Clarita Monorail*

Other Southern California

Ontario- Los Angeles Commuter Express Monorail*
Los Angeles- Ontario- Las Vegas High-Speed Monorail*
Riverside- Anaheim Commuter Express Monorail*
Pomona- Anaheim Commuter Express Monorail*
Ontario International Airport Monorail*
Ventura- Los Angeles Commuter Express Monorail*
Santa Barbara Monorail*


Anaheim- Las Vegas High-Speed Monorail*
State Line- I-15- Las Vegas High-Speed Monorail*
Las Vegas Metropolitan Commuter Monorail*


Toledo- Perrysburg Monorail


Pittsburgh- Philadelphia High-Speed Monorail

* denotes Routes with Run Path Videos

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