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Welcome to the American Monorail Project website.  We here at American Monorail hope that this website serves as a centralized point of communication about the wonderful technology of monorails.  It is our sincere hope that this site can serve to educate people about the benefits of monorail systems and how their lives could improve should their local municipalities adopt some of our proposals.

The staff at American Monorail, Inc.

2 Responses to “The American Monorail Project website”

  1. Frank Genadio says:

    Please consider adding magnetic levitation systems to your Website. “Maglevs” are basically modern monorail technology. Urban maglev (virtual) “clones” of the Nagoya Linimo are now under development in Beijing and Incheon. American Maglev is trying to gain some “traction” in Orlando but airport authorities are concerned about (of all things) loss of rental car income. In the high-speed realm, James Powell and Gordon Danby, holders of the first generation superconducting maglev patent on which the Shanghai Transrapid system is based, are now advocating for a nationwide freight and passenger train network (similar to the Interstate Highway system) that would use their second generation superconducting maglev system. Perhaps a public-private long distance high-speed maglev network linked to urban conventional monorail systems would be a “marriage made in heaven.” Aloha from Honolulu, where we may lose even the contracted obsolescent steel wheels on steel rails system if an anti-rail candidate wins the election for mayor next month.

    • Eric Wickland says:

      Thank you for your comment, Frank. We did indeed consider adding MagLev systems to our website’s Comparative Matrix as an eighth mode, but we are lacking technical and video materials necessary for an adequate presentation. We would welcome an opportunity to include MagLev technology and systems in our broader discussion of Monorails, and their applications to urban and inter-city transportation systems.

      As we have noted in our discussion of potential extension of a Shanghai Disney Monorail system into the heart of the city, variable and low speed MagLev systems appear to be highly adaptable to merging high speed MagLev with urban MagLev and other mass transportation systems.

      For background, we refer readers to the “maglev” Wikipedia entry.

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