Farmers Field-LA Live Monorail Joint-Venture Proposal

Anschutz Entertainment Group’s (AEG) NFL Stadium and Convention Center development plans and designs could be dramatically enhanced, in virtually every aspect, by the seamless integration of a state of the art monorail system into its transportation, as well as, commercial development plans for LA Live, adjacent Los Angeles Convention Center and extended South Park and South Figueroa district of Downtown Los Angeles. The proposed American Monorail-designed Downtown Los Angeles Monorail would link AEG’s properties and stadiums with high profile attractions and venues across the city’s central commercial and cultural core, to form a collection of attractive venues interconnected by a four-mile monorail system that traverses the traffic, congestion and urban conditions of downtown, quite literally, above it all.

Several of the commercial investors and developers participating in the Grand Avenue Project could derive the same benefits that a monorail system would bring to AEG with regard to enhanced access, reduced traffic generation and congestion associated with new developments, and significant reductions in required parking structures, that could save developers tens of millions of dollars per property or project served by a new monorail system. A coalition of development interests able to successfully combine their city-required parking development savings derived from incorporating monorail stations and services into their respective building projects could apply those savings to the construction, as well as, ownership of the four-mile proposed monorail system built to serve the dozens of new and existing venues of Downtown Los Angeles; potentially achieving the extended critical mass of urban activity and commercial vitality that the area has been seeking for decades.

The American Monorail-designed Downtown Los Angeles Monorail System presented on this American Monorail’s website envisions three monorail stations serving LA Live venues at Ritz-Carlton- Marriott hotels, Staples Center and the interior concourse of the planned Farmers Field NFL Stadium. Beyond the monorail’s very attractive, state of the art urban transportation services, direct monorail access to and from LA Live’s many venues should obviate the need for thousands of required parking spaces in the stadium and extended LA Live properties, resulting in clearly calculable tens of millions of dollars in saved parking structure construction costs. Adjacent Los Angeles Convention Center and Korean Airlines’ Figueroa Street office/hotel towers development, three blocks north of LA Live, could also benefit from reduced required parking derived from direct monorail services to their respective properties. Strategic commitment of the savings to financing the construction and operation of a state of the art, 21st Century urban transportation system in the heart of Los Angeles could elevate the extended central city to a level of accessibility previously believed unattainable in all transportation and urban planning quarters, while relieving public agencies, decision makers and taxpayers of the financial burdens traditionally associated with urban transportation planning and services.

A review of American Monorail’s proposed transportation plans for the LA Live- Farmers Field- Convention Center area will provide specific illustrations of the potential interface between AEG- LA Live development plans and monorail system applications; while the unique benefits and opportunities monorails present to both public and private interests extend across the vital center of Downtown Los Angeles, to incorporate and serve the Broad Museum, Disney Concert Hall, Music Center, Grand Park, City Hall and Union Station. The American Monorail website illustrates and discusses the proposed Downtown Los Angeles Monorail System, and its specific designs for the LA Live- NFL Stadium- Convention Center, as key destinations and elements of an extended downtown monorail system in the Routes, Joint Ventures, Current Projects and Monorail System Implementation sections of this website’s Home Page.

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