Mission Implementation

“I never tire of being useful.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

American Monorail, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, committed to presenting innovative alternatives to the current practices of transportation planning in the United States, by means of comparative analysis, public education and participation through The American Monorail Project’s website, and American Monorail’s organizational, planning and research services. Building upon, and extending the twenty-year tradition of education and advocacy by The Monorail Society, The American Monorail Project is designed and organized to promote proactive implementation of change in the field of American public transportation through the introduction of monorails as a viable, and superior alternative to all current and planned transportation systems throughout the nation. Presenting a comprehensive analysis of the state of public transportation technology, service and finance, and their impacts on cities, communities and environmental settings of all types, American Monorail will engage the American public at all levels, in an effort to promote the best use of public and private resources under a new transportation paradigm.

The primary objective of The American Monorail Project is the analytical presentation of facts and conditions regarding the present and potential future state of American transportation systems, in a broadly accessible forum that invites equally broad participation from all quarters of American society. Operating under the assumption that virtually all Americans have vested interests in the benefits, effects and impacts of transportation policy and development on their neighborhoods, communities, cities and states, American Monorail will endeavor to open the processes that determine the character and direction of transportation development and technology to as comprehensive a constituency of representative interests as possible.

The American Monorail website provides access to the field of transportation planning in a variety of contexts, ranging from a comparative analysis among current forms of mass transportation in the Comparative Matrix, to detailed discussions of Transportation System Funding, Public-Private Joint Venture Strategies and Monorail System Implementation, which presents specific monorail system routes and designs extending hundreds of miles throughout Los Angeles County, and from San Francisco to San Diego. Other aspects of the American Monorail website and The American Monorail Project are accessible through our Mission Description, Organizational Forum and Blueprint for a New American Industry, which describe the proactive direction of the Project’s national campaign.

The goal of the American Monorail Project is nothing short of a recasting of mass transportation planning and industry, and the transformation of the American transportation paradigm into the 21st century state of the art that the nation deserves.

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