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The American Monorail Project is brought to you by American Monorail, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Los Angeles, California.

President & CEO: Eric Wickland
Chief Technology Officer: Harry Tarnoff
Chief Financial Officer: Robin Tarnoff
Administrative Coordinator: Chanel Wickland
Executive Administrator: Jinyoung Choi
Mailing Address:
The American Monorail Project
545 South Figueroa Street
Suite 1236
Los Angeles, California 90071
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6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Ronnie Johnson says:

    I am very interested in building monorails in LA County. I believe monorails should be part of the fixed transit mix (which currently includes lightrail and heavyrail subway). This county needs to construct a 600 mile fixed rail system as quickly as possible, and monorail could easily be constructed on surface streets without condemning private private property.

  2. I have had create LA Monorail group on my “to do” list for a long time, so it is very exciting to see that someone has already done a lot of the work. Please keep me on your contact list. I have done two brief presentations on the benefit of monorails at Farmlab and the Los Angeles Eco-Village.

  3. Nnamdi Christopher Ukpabi says:

    I am a US Citizen currently residing in Nigeria, my country of birth, for the past six years. I had worked for American Airlines in Dallas and Delta Air Lines in management capacity before moving here. I am very interested in the monorail technology and have been doing research on the possibility of using this technology to enhance rail transport in the country. Presently, it is practically non-existent and movement of people (and goods) are limited to road highways and by air. With a population of 160 million people, it is my belief that the development of monorails within major cities will help ameliorate the difficulties passengers face.

    Would you be interested in coming to work in Nigeria?


    • Harry Tarnoff says:

      Hi Christopher, thank you for the suggestion! There is much to do here in North American where monorails are just now coming into their own, but you will be happy to learn that, last year, the Enugu State government of Nigeria (southeastern Nigeria) announced plans to build a $US1.6 billion monorail line to be carried out in six phases, creating 4,000 new jobs. It’s not for the whole country of course, but the planned 116 km of routes is more than an excellent start.

  4. Don Cordier says:

    Congratulations on finally beginning the drive to implement the relatively inexpensive and simple monorail system. In addition to highways, I have advocated this form of mass, private operated public transportation since 1963!

    I would like to join in this program throughout the State of California and in all major urban areas through out this and other countries. Please add me to your mailing list or blog.

    Best wishes,
    Don Cordier

    • Eric Wickland says:

      Thank you, Don. Since you have already contacted the American Monorail Project, we encourage further exploration of the American Monorail website, and suggest that you explore the Monorail Society website (monorails.org) to which you can subscribe to their mailing list or become a member.

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