Balboa Park Monorail

Balboa Park MonorailThe 2.62-mile long Balboa Park Monorail is generally a single-guideway loop system serving the San Diego Zoo and Museum facility. It begins at the Balboa Park Monorail Station on the proposed San Diego Monorail and proceeds northeast along Park Boulevard, west through the major parking areas to the San Diego Zoo entrance, and then circulating south among the park’s attractions, exhibits and venues, including the San Diego Zoo, Museums, Arboreta, Gardens, Pan American Exposition and the Old Globe Theater.

Proposed Route Run Path Video

Note: The path from times 2:05-3:27 represents the Balboa Park Monorail. The rest of the video shows the San Diego Monorail route.

The stations are located as follows:

Station Location
Balboa Park Monorail Station Above Park Boulevard south of the I-5 Freeway
Balboa Museums Monorail Station Above the west edge of Park Boulevard south of Village Place
San Diego Zoo Monorail Station At the Zoo entrance
Pan American Monorail Station Within the museum complex south of El Prado
Aerospace Museum Monorail Station Within the Pan American Plaza parking area south of Presidio Way

The Balboa Park facility attracts tourists from around the world. This system connects directly to the proposed San Diego Monorail, which allows access links to various public transportation facilities within the City of San Diego and connects directly to the California High-Speed Monorail to provide access to Southern California and the San Francisco Bay area and connecting access to Las Vegas.

2 Responses to “Balboa Park Monorail”

  1. Have you checked into the project at ? This includes part of your route, then extending east to San Diego State. What a shame they didn’t consider monorail technology, as the rapid bus will eat up parking spaces and needed traffic lanes.

    • Eric Wickland says:

      Thank you, Jack. We agree with you that it is a shame that San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) did not select monorail technology for this project. If you have had the opportunity to visit the the American Monorail website’s Comparative Matrix and clicked on the express bus image, you may get an impression of the disadvantages of express bus systems that are superimposed on existing streets and neighborhoods. As you begin to point out, the impacts may very well offset any accessibility and mobility advantages that the systems may create and are invariably cost-ineffective in every regard.

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