Monorail System Adaptability

Monorail systems technology, development and operational characteristics combine to present uniquely adaptable solutions to the widest range of transportation conditions and environments of any form of mass transportation available to modern societies. The Monorail System Routes designed and presented in American Monorail’s forty diverse plans, extending over 1,200 miles across California and Nevada, range from one- to five- mile monorails serving the city centers of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas, to the fifteen- to seventy-mile commuter express monorails linking suburbs with urban centers, and inter-city high-speed monorails connecting the major cities of California and Nevada.

Located and built entirely in the public rights of way of streets, highway and freeway medians, rivers, flood control channels, and the privately-owned properties of utilities, abandoned railroad rights of way and other public or institutional properties suitable for monorail system development, monorail facilities, guide ways and operations can be implemented virtually anywhere; with lesser impacts on their immediate settings and environments than any other form of transportation. Where monorails are built on private property, they can be easily integrated into the architectural and functional design of buildings and facilities to enhance access and the efficiency of both the buildings and the monorail systems that serve them. Definitive examples of seamless integration of monorail systems into the design of major facilities and venues are presented in American Monorail’s designs that integrate continuous monorail station concourses into the planned NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles, and six existing international airports served by proposed monorail systems.

Other critical aspects of monorail systems adaptability are analyzed and discussed in the American Monorail Comparative Matrix, Blueprint for a New American Industry, Transportation Funding, Joint-Venture, Sustainability, and Organizational Forum sections of the American Monorail website; under the general guidance of The American Monorail Project’s Mission and Mission Implementation statements.

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