Government Contribution of Public Rights of Way

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Local government entities holding fee title or other forms of ownership or jurisdiction over property utilized for flood control, water and power distribution, transportation, open space, recreation and other infrastructure, may realize new uses for these publicly owned resources as monorail rights of way. By entering into right of way agreements with monorail system developers and operators, local governments can act as catalysts in development of modern transportation facilities and systems, that have yet to materialize on a large scale anywhere in the United States. Uniquely suited to these particular types of right of way, monorails can make strategic use of these otherwise underutilized, undeveloped strips of land in ways that enhance both the transportation networks and revenue bases of communities, while imposing little or no environmental impacts on local or regional settings.

Monorail system developers and operators may assume full organizational and financial responsibility for planning, design, engineering, construction and operation of new monorail facilities and systems once rights of way and property have been secured through land lease or other appropriate long term agreement with governmental authorities holding ownership or jurisdiction over the subject properties. Successful monorail joint venture developments can set precedents, and provide organizational frameworks for redevelopment of underutilized or environmentally degraded industrial land, anchored by monorail manufacturing facilities in research and advanced manufacturing campuses or districts developed in declining industrial cities.

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