San Francisco Bay Bridge Monorail

Traveling on guide ways located above and clear of traffic on the upper or lower roadways of the bridge, and supported by outer elements of bridge superstructure, single guide way rails could be operated in alternating inbound and outbound directions in response to passenger volume and demand during commuting rush hours, recreational and event schedules.

Proposed Route Run Path Video

2 Responses to “San Francisco Bay Bridge Monorail”

  1. Cemal ACAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any engineering study to integrate SF Bridge and Monorail? Have you carried out any engineering analysis about this aspect of the issue, such as dynamic response of the bridge structure due to new loads? If the answer is yes, ı would appreciate getting information regarding this subject.

    Best regards,
    Cemal ACAR

    • Eric Wickland says:

      Since American Monorail’s proposed Bay Bridge monorail is the first such proposal we are aware of, we are unaware of any engineering analysis of such a design. However, adaptation of a steel rail system, similar to the Sydney, Australia monorail, could be modernized and applied to the bridge structures with expected high levels of performance regarding seismic and other dynamic and static loads and performance.

      Advancement in monorail construction and technology have led to he production of monorail rolling stock vehicles that are of significantly lighter weight, in some cases 10% the weight of “light rail” vehicles, offering significant advantages to the adaptation of monorail systems to existing and future bridge spans, as well as other structures.

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