Our Mission

The American Monorail Project seeks to recast the analysis, planning, performance criteria and leadership of American mass transportation development, beyond the marginal performance of government-subsidized passenger rail systems, toward a public-private joint venture model of self-sufficient, cost-effective, sustainable transportation services that enhance every urban environment and economy they are built to serve.

In support of our mission…
  • Monorail Systems Advantages
  • Monorails: Historic Visions of the Future
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    1. Apostle,Dr.,E.Earl Scott says:

      Greetings to Eric Wickland, President/CEO of American Monorail. It was indeed a spiritually enlightening pleasure to meet you at the Sheriff/Clergy Council LA County meeting 12/18/12.

      As Founder of Synergistic Implements & Associates (SIA), a professional consulting firm specializing in building infracommunities, and as Founder of Black Foundation Center Int’l, a non-profit CBO since 1993, I am honored and would like to partner with American Monorail. As we briefly discussed The Proposed Crenshaw Corridor Rail Project (PCCRP) is full of many questionable unsound features that significantly impact and undermine the social, fiscal, environmental, and the well being of true American Citizens. These gross negative effects of the PCCRP should immediately be considered in relation to the American Monorail Project which is its alternative and worthy replacement.

      As we reflected, in the Spirit of USA, and our legacy, in building this great nation under the banner of the steel, auto, entertainment, monorail transportation systems, and other industries from within, I look forward to working with you to achieve the worthy goal of restoring our legacy which is under unrelenting serious assault.

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