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The American Monorail Project is committed to a reorganization of the transportation planning and funding regimes that shape and determine the processes of transportation development in the United States. Serving as a forum that brings together the full range of regional organizations, governmental agencies and community representatives with vital public interests in transportation system development, American Monorail proposes to facilitate the formation of strategic partnerships among various coalitions of public and private entities to optimize the application of transportation resources to serve the best interests and needs of communities and their local governments.

Click on any of eleven sections below to enter a forum on the topics and planning issues of the respective interest group.

Clicking on “American Monorail” at the center of the chart will lead to a proposed reorganization and restructuring of the authority, decision-making, planning and allocation of financial resources in the best interests of local communities through strategic coalitions of the local public and private entities that serve them.

Clicking on the Regional Transportation Authorities portion of the forum diagram above will display the present decision-making, planning and funding processes and regimes that shape public transportation system development in virtually all American cities, as well as, extended urban, suburban and regional areas.

Clicking on any of the other portions of the organizational diagram will lead to descriptions of strategic partnership coalitions formed under the initiative and leadership of the respective primary interest, entity or agency participating in the transportation forum. The distinct characteristics, advantages and opportunities presented by monorails are discussed in the context of these newly formed coalitions and strategic partnerships.

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