Blueprint For a New American Industry


Development of a domestic American monorail industry can be accomplished in a decade of focused, committed research, planning and implementation, unhindered by the financial and industrial legacies of the 20th Century. Casting public mass transportation into a new role as the primary dynamic force in urban economies and the shaping of cities, monorail transportation systems can assume a strategic position in the forefront of urban, as well as, industrial innovation at every level of American society. The new transportation paradigm that modern, efficient, safe and financially sound monorail systems and technology represents offers unlimited innovation and cost-effective solutions to more of the nation’s urban, environmental, industrial and energy dilemmas than any other US institution, industry or governmental process.

Monorail system development, operation and manufacturing processes are environmentally superior to all other forms and modes of transportation, by every measure. Already producing the most environmentally compatible form of transportation available, with the lightest carbon footprint in every aspect of its production, development and operation, monorail engineering has been refined and advanced to the point that manufacturers have developed monorails capable of generating all electrical power required for full operation on board monorail vehicles and trains; eliminating dependence on electrical distribution facilities, electrical power grids and power generation plants.

Development of a domestic monorail industry could lead a renaissance of innovative, capital-intensive, advanced manufacturing capability that has nearly vanished from the US economy. With the goal of creating an all-encompassing, self-sustaining US monorail industry capable of maintaining one hundred percent of the research, engineering, manufacturing, planning, construction, operation and financing of the most advanced and efficient mass transportation systems in the world, America’s industrial capabilities can be fundamentally reinvigorated, and directed toward the dual objectives of solving many of the country’s most persistent transportation problems, while providing world class transportation services to a broad constituency of riders, communities and transportation authorities.

The domestic content and financial benefit to every level of the US economy that an entirely American monorail industry would bring to cities, communities and regions of the United States could lead to a renaissance of the transportation industry as the leading force in the revival of American cities, industry and quality of life, while significantly improving energy independence, environmental quality and the nation’s workforce.

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