Private Foundations

Financial Support for Research, Development and Innovation

As independent entities, privately funded foundations can conduct studies, analysis and other forms of research that can shed light on the performance of transportation planning and systems operations from a neutral and unbiased perspective. Private foundations with the ability and resources to underwrite and direct research and development of new technology and processes, as well as, support new strategic approaches to problem solving and opening of new opportunities, can promote innovation that would not emerge from within any quarter of the transportation planning and development establishment.

By supporting the advancement and exposure of monorail technology and potential to a broader governmental, as well as, public audience, vital interests in modernization and efficient transportation systems development can be established at all levels of community, government and industry. Private foundations can serve as catalysts in bringing public and private entities and resources to bear on common solutions to transportation problems and opportunities.

Capable of supporting research and design of the diverse, and seemingly contradictory or competing objectives of mass transportation systems development and environmental regulation, private foundations can strategically promote innovation and system development with the merging of these interests and resources as the focal point and overriding objective. While neither environmental regulators, regional transportation authorities, financial institutions or the monorail industry are likely to initiate any such strategic partnership or mutual interest among these entities, private foundation-supported organizational research can illustrate the potential of such cooperation in creating innovative and unique solutions to transportation challenges. In addition, private foundation-sponsored comparative analysis can illustrate the distinct economic advantages monorails present in virtually any transportation environment or situation.

By bridging the organizational, jurisdictional and financial separations between financial institutions, environmental regulatory agencies and the monorail industry, private foundations can redefine the potential roles of these diverse entities by bringing their capabilities into focus on the common goal of monorail system implementation. While no one of these entities could initiate and see through a monorail project to completion, the combined resources and influence of the monorail industry, environmental authorities, infrastructure banks and private foundations could provide new direction to transportation planning. Private foundations may provide funding for combined efforts that the separate entities themselves would not allocate from their own budgets or resources, and give valuable insight and strategic direction to the public agencies currently charged with transportation planning and development.

Most importantly, private foundations may develop the initial organizational structure, or blueprints, for an entirely new 21st Century American transportation industry, unencumbered by existing bureaucracy, technology or financial limitations.

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