Monorail technology and systems present distinct advantages to transportation planners, as well as all eventual users of the passenger services. The ability for planners and builders of monorail systems to locate monorails and stations where other types of transportation facilities are less functional, or not possible, permits much greater adaptability and efficient connection of passengers to work, living and commercial destinations.

The state of the art quality and performances of monorail vehicles and technology insures a new traveling experience that is literally “above it all.” Monorails offer passenger service superior to any other public transportation mode or form of travel. Reliable, safe and elegant, monorails offer attractive alternatives and opportunities to commuters, employers, business and tourists alike. Capable of transporting greater numbers of riders, at significantly higher speeds, and more efficiently than any other operating or planned transportation system, monorails can offer the best ride available between almost any locations and destinations.

Traveling in their own exclusive environment in the most modern, quiet and smooth operating of transport vehicles, and passing above every aspect of the surface setting below, monorails can easily glide over congested freeways, streets, business districts and industrial zones; or skirt these areas altogether, by passing along rivers, flood control channels and other undeveloped strips of land. Riders on the monorail will have the unique experience of being completely independent and free of the entanglements of life in the urban environment. The equally unique and exclusive design characteristics of monorail systems will permit passengers to exit the monorail at the entrance, or inside theme parks, convention and entertainment complexes, hotels and shopping centers, as well as, business districts, civic centers, employment centers, universities and sports venues.

Monorail is the only technology that can be adapted to all forms of surface mass transit, urban, local, commuter transit, and inter-city travel. The potential speeds that can be achieved safely by developing monorail technology allows monorail services to match or outperform the city to city times over many routes of most modern airline transport services.

Monorails can also be adapted to local routes and operate services that are quicker, more efficient and safer than any bus or light rails system, and can be implemented at one-fourth the cost of surface rail systems and one-tenth the cost of subway systems. Alternatively, monorails can offer four times the mileage of surface rail and ten times the extent of subway systems at the same development costs, and even smaller fractions of their operational and maintenance costs. The quiet, unobtrusive and self-sustaining characteristics of monorail systems and performance would encourage monorail builders to extend their services and transportation mission to include a range of recreational and sightseeing opportunities in such settings as the Santa Barbara coastline, San Diego’s waterfront, zoo and Balboa Park, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica Pier, San Francisco, San Francisco Bay, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Disney Concert Hall and the Rose Bowl. In virtually every setting, environment and circumstance, monorails will consistently offer patrons the best and most reliable ride available.

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