Monorail-Right Of Way

Monorail guide way structures can be built on a wide variety of existing public properties and rights of way where development of other modes of transportation or related infrastructure are not practical or feasible, and without competing for right of way or space with any other form or mode of transportation.  The inherent adaptability of monorail guide way and system, and the independent capabilities of monorail systems to be fully built and operated without crossing or interfacing any other transportation system, land use or human activity, permit their development where other transportation systems would be difficult and costly to implement.

The distinct adaptability of monorails to already owned public property and rights of way can eliminate the great majority of acquisition, condemnation and assembly or rights of way required by all other modes of transportation. The savings in time and cost of right of way acquisition and assembly may approach 50% of an overall transportation system development project.

Property, facilities, easements and rights of way currently owned or under the jurisdiction of government and public authority can be made available to monorail system developers and operators as the public components of joint development agreements, with little or no obligation or indebtedness incurred by local governments or taxpayers. Public participation in monorail system development can thus stimulate needed transportation improvements at little or no public expense.

Publicly owned rights of way, in the form of street, highway and freeway medians, flood control and river channels, active and abandoned railroad rights of way, public land and structures, utility easements, as well as existing transportation corridors, can be easily transformed into valuable components of new, modern monorail systems built to serve local economies and communities.

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