Monorail guide ways and operating systems are suitable for installation in virtually any location or environment; beyond the engineering and operational limitations of all other modes of transportation. Guideway structures and systems can be developed in place of any, and all other transportation facilities, including subway tunnels, while distinct performance characteristics of monorails permit their operation in settings and environments that would be negatively impacted by any other form of transportation vehicle or system.

The unique construction and performance characteristics of monorails permit their installation along flood control and river channels, street, highway and freeway medians, inside, above or adjacent to buildings, along abandoned or active railroad rights of way and in other environmentally sensitive or inaccessible locations. Construction of monorail guideways may forge a path for bicycle and walking trails, landscaped strips and buffers which could not otherwise by created or maintained for public use.

Monorail systems may be developed in place of planned surface transportation systems that are incompatible with open space, recreation or restoration plans for the same settings. While development of an at grade high speed rail corridor along the Los Angeles River would be incompatible with river restoration plans, elevated monorail facilities could define and support a continuous landscaped pathway along its entire length in the river setting.

Nearly silent operation permits monorails to operate in locations and environments where no other type of transportation system or vehicles would be acceptable. And, monorails do not compete for space or location with any other land use activity or transportation system.

**Downtown San Diego, Convention Center, Baseball Stadium, Zoo and Balboa Park: linking and transitioning to commuter-high-speed monorail service to Orange County ARTIC monorail station complex, and Los Angeles Union Station Monorail Center.

**Petco Park and Convention Center

**Waterfront, Convention Center and Petco Park


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