While monorail guide way structures are fixed rigidly in place once completed, the location and integration of monorails into surrounding environments and structures is the most flexible and adaptable of any transportation mode. Completed, operating monorail systems are most easily extended, augmented or otherwise modified of any transportation system, with the exception of street-based bus routes.

Monorail systems are most easily adaptable to increased service demand; capable of carrying over 50,000 passengers per hour, per rail, at two-minute headway intervals. Adjustment or adaptation of monorail service is independent of, and poses no conflict or incompatibility with other transportation vehicles, land uses, activities or environments.

Operating at the cutting edge of electronic global positioning, system management, manufacturing, energy use and transportation service technologies, monorails set the performance standards for public transportation service and industry.

** A continuous monorail station promenade can place stations along the fronts of all LA International airline terminals, after passing arriving monorail trains through a security station. The promenade and continuous circular monorail guide way would permit movement between terminals within the airport, and easy return to Century Boulevard hotels and resorts, and the West LA express monorail system extending to the San Fernando Valley and the growing suburbs of Santa Clarita, some 45 miles from LAX.

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