Express Bus-System Management

Express bus services generally utilize the highest capacity and newest vehicles in respective bus fleets. Intended to be the most efficient, time saving and attractive of bus services, express bus systems tend to employ the most modern and technologically advanced vehicles on the most exclusive routes that can be established between urban centers and cross town or suburban destinations. The combination of modern vehicles, operating systems and communications equipment with separate scheduling and management tend to maintain express bus services at the highest efficiency and reliability levels of bus systems.

Express buses can be expected to experience lower incidence of mechanical failure, breakdown or service delay. With highly selective routes and focused hours of operation, express bus services may be shaped for optimal management of operations, maintenance and rolling stock; as long as they can avoid driving over potholed pavement of streets that over sized, over weight express buses themselves have broken down.  Generally the newest and largest vehicles in most bus fleets, express buses often become the flagships of  municipal bus systems.

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