Elevated Rail-Private Investment

Current federal government-centered funding programs for development of mass transportation systems leave little opportunity for private investment or participation other than as contractors retained by local transportation authorities. Private companies, corporations and contractors are limited to provision of transportation vehicles and system components, supply of materials and fabricated parts, and construction of rail and station structures under rigorous contractual agreements with public transportation authorities.

Beyond contractual participation in elevated rail and other public transportation development projects, few, if any opportunities for private investment in, or operation of public transportation services exist. The only significant potential for private investment and participation in transportation system development and operation is presented by the unique characteristics and adaptability of monorail systems. Private investors, builders and operators of monorail systems may own or finance any, or all components of monorail systems including: right of way, guide way structures, stations, parking and access structures, rolling stock, maintenance facilities, logistical and system control equipment, ticketing or information systems.

Private investments in development and operation of public transportation systems in the form of B.O.O.T., Build, Own, Operate and Transfer plans permit private investors and developers to initiate and build transportation systems, implement and operate transportation services and, eventually, transfer all or part of the system to public operators and authorities

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