Rose Bowl- Glendale- Burbank- Los Angeles Monorail

Beginning at a monorail terminal station in the parking area on the southwest side of the Rose Bowl, the monorail guide way aligns with a concrete flood control channel until entering the Arroyo Seco passing below the Foothill Freeway and Arroyo Seco Bridges, before turning westward and gaining elevation to the Colorado Boulevard right of way. The Rose Bowl is ideally located among extensive paved lots suitable for park and ride and general parking to serve westbound commuters and travelers, and as a strategic destination in Pasadena. The proposed monorail’s path, passing below and through the beautifully arched structures of both bridges, and over the lush creek bed of the Arroyo Seco, would surely prove to be one of the most scenic rides anywhere near metropolitan Los Angeles.

Running in the center of Colorado Boulevard, the guide way passes through Eagle Rock along a continuous strip of retail commercial buildings to a station adjacent to Eagle Rock Plaza shopping mall, where the guide way follows the Broadway fork north of Colorado, passing below the Glendale (2) Freeway, proceeding west to the City of Glendale. Traversing eastern Glendale along the primarily commercial development lining Broadway, the guideway passes Glendale City Hall before arriving at a station on the north side of the extensive commercial, residential, entertainment and fashion mall complexes of the Glendale Galleria and Americana, and continues west to intersect both the Metrolink tracks and the Los Angeles River route of the LA River Monorail line from Warner Center to Downtown Los Angeles.  Transitioning to a monorail that would follow the railroad right of way currently used by Metrolink, the monorail guide way would connect southbound to Union Station, or northwesterly toward a Burbank Airport monorail station before continuing across the San Fernando Valley to the cities of Simi Valley, Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Continuing west from Broadway along Brazil Street, passing above the railroad tracks and across the Los Angeles River to a monorail station at the LA Zoo and Gene Autry Museum, the Pasadena Monorail guide way would connect southward to Union Station, or northwest along the upper Los Angeles River banks  toward the Universal Studios station of the LA River Monorail to Warner Center and the Orange Bus Line transfer station at Canoga Avenue in the West San Fernando Valley.

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